Responsible Sourcing

What we wear is a defining part of who we are, what we value and how we express ourselves. Luxury fashion has been traditionally manufactured by name-brand designers who have profited at the expense of poor garment workers and animals worldwide....

We are changing that.

Our business model is based on the belief that there is no reason why premium fashion should not have a double bottom line and positive social impact. Simply put, fashionable clothing should come in an animal-friendly, ethically sourced and socially responsible form. We started ZoLa because we believe in the power of the underdog. More importantly, we believe in the power of the underdog to use fashion to create social change.

At ZoLa, we are deeply committed to working with a supply chain that provides humane working conditions, fair wages and a safe working environment. We believe that fair labor employment and humane conditions is a fundamental right, not a privilege.

Our products are sourced responsibly and ethically. We work with a supply chain and manufacturers that are certified by the following organization:

WRAP, Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. WRAP is a non-profit headquartered in Arlington, VA. WRAP is “dedicated to the certification of lawful, ethical and humane manufacturing”. WRAP certifies under several principles, including: compensation and benefits, hours of work, environment, prohibition of forced labor, and prohibition of child labor. See more at

By purchasing ZoLa products, you are not only helping to give our animal friends the life they deserve, you are also supporting fundamental worker rights and fair trade. By purchasing our products you are empowering workers with opportunity.