Our name

ZoLa is named after our two rescued dogs, Zoey and Lani. Zoey and Lani are both full of personality and have been our personal mascots since adoption. We both grew up with family pets and are very passionate about rescued dogs and animal welfare.

Zoey. Zoey is the real-life embodiment of Scrappy-Doo. Despite being ¼ the size of Lani, she is the alpha dog. As a 5-year old Miniature Pinscher weighing only 13 pounds, Zoey has the heart and attitude of a full size Doberman Pinscher. Like many MinPins, she has no fear, is full of energy and approaches all dogs and strangers with the same curiosity and tenacity, regardless of size. Her “Let me at ‘em” approach to life is contagious and inspired us to launch ZoLa.

We adopted Zoey through the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. We instantly fell in love with Zoey when she was jumping around in her cage upon arrival and fell asleep on Jordan’s lap in AWLA’s play room.

Lani. Despite her formidable presence, Lani is the real-life embodiment of the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz. Scarred from mistreatment in her early life, she is often timid and scared of the unknown.

Lani is a 3-year old miniature pinscher mix that we rescued through Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Washington, DC. We thought Lani was a purebred Miniature Pinscher but she quickly grew to over three times the size of Zoey – it looks as though she may be mixed with German Shepherd. As a puppy, Lani had been in a kill shelter in South Carolina for a few months and was about to be put down. Thankfully, Lucky Dog connected us with her. Lucky Dog saved Lani from the kill shelter and drove her from South Carolina to Washington, D.C. along with a van full of other lucky dogs. When Lani was handed over to me with her fur coat hugging her ribs, she was shaking with fear as she had clearly lived a life of abuse and malnourishment. Today, Lani is full of personality, happy to have been rescued and often scared of her own shadow due to the abuse she sustained as a puppy. She is incredibly compassionate - she loves to snuggle and greet everybody with her frog-like tongue. Rescuing Lani was one of the most impactful moments that inspired our interest in starting a socially responsible brand to expand awareness for organizations that save our animal friends and give them the life they deserve.